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ProQuest Ancestry
Libary Edition

ProQuest has partnered with to create Ancestry Library Edition, one of the most important genealogical collections available today with unparalleled coverage of the United States and the United Kingdom. Its valuable content is a strong complement to HeritageQuest Online.

 Free E-book Programs

We have access to Kentucky Libraries Unbound, which is an e-book, audiobook, video and music collection that is free for library patrons. Click the following image to access this service. 

We also have free e-books through Baker and Taylor called Axis 360. Click on the picture below to link to the "Magic Wall."
Other Online Resources

For resume help, try Cypress Resumes. Click on the Cypress Resume button, type in your library card number, and answer a few questions. The website will create your resume!

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AtoZ World FoodTM

Explore food culture and traditional recipes from around the world. It's a movable feast in a digital cookbook.

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